My 8th BirthDay

”Happy birthday to you” was the first thing I heard when I woke up on August 7,2011.We were celebrating my 8th birth day.I chose to go to lake Tyler,one of my favorite places.When we got to the lake,my parents let me open my biggest present.I was very excited because it was a huge wrapped present.I tore into it like it was a gold mine worth a million bucks.The most awesome knee board  I have ever see.Was my surprise.I can’t wait to ride it.My family,including my grand parents,climbed on the boat and headed out for a fun day at the lake.After wake boarding for a bout two hours,I was ready to give my new birthday present a try.I rode my cool board until my knees were hurting. the best part of the day was when my 63 year old grandma showed us she could also wake board.weened the special day with a family picnic


One day woke up and got dressed then got all my scuba gear then drove to longview to the place I go scuba diving at so we waited until my instructor came. Then finally he came so we got our gear on and dove down. It was cold & warm at the same time. So it also was pitch black. When we went down but we got to a metal/plastic platform to sit on.Then he made us take our regulator out of my mouth to breath out then put our regulator back in our mouth to breath.Then take our BC off and back lil neck football team played in the Superbowl and we decided we were gong to beat the team that only beat us and win the Superbowl.So we started and in the 1st quarter they got the ball.Then we finally got the ball #33 colten ran the ball to the left and almost made a touch down.The he ran it again and made the touch down.Then the 2nd quarter came up and it turned out we won the game 21-0.I want to pass 5th grade
because I want to go to 6th grade and also be more smart in all subject’s.I want to make a 50ft dive so I can be able to go in the ocean and go really deep down and have fun doing it to.

December 7, 1941

President Roosevelt called the attack “a date which will live in infamy”
Entry into World War II
Attack happened on December 7, 1941
Row of Battleships included Arizona, Maryland, Nevada, and Tennessee
Lives were lost on both sides
Honoring those who served is The World War II Memorial
A few heroes were Captain Bennion, 1st Lt. Sanders, and 2nd Lt. Taylor
Roosevelt was the President of the United States
Base was attacked by the Japanese
On the morning of December 7, the attack occurred
Respect is shown each year by flying flags half-staff on December 7

Jamstown or Plyoumth

I would want to live in Jamstown . Because the way it was sized and bulit.Also was rich in jamstown.

James River.





The Virgina company.

Owned the first English colony.


North America.





May flower.




Hard working.